We are working on a fix to solve the "WhatsApp works with Google Chrome 36+" issue. Please be patient.

Franz Support

ServiceWhatsApp works with Google Chrome 36+

We are currently investigating an issue where WhatsApp displays users the message "WhatsApp works with Google Chrome 36+". Until we have a proper fix, one of the known work arounds is to remove and re-add WhatsApp.

It is not necessary to update your Chrome.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

WindowsError after update

Some users have reported that they were not able to launch the app with this or a similar error:

Windows Update Error

If you are affected by this, please re-download the binary from

👉 meetfranz.com or
👉 github.com/meetfranz/franz/releases.

Premium Supporter LicenseHow to cancel my subscription

To cancel your premium supporter license, you have options.

  • Go to your account settings and click "manage subscriptions", from there click "cancel subscription"
  • Send us anemail with the request